Refund Policy

If, during the first thirty (30) days following the Purchase date, You are not satisfied with the Product for any reason whatsoever (no questions asked) and notify us that You would like to cancel Your Purchase, we will issue a full refund of the Purchase price minus the payment gateway fees. For such purposes, the following do not constitute a Purchase that would entitle you to another refund right:

i. upgrading an existing Purchase – whether you are upgrading within the same plan (for example, purchasing additional license activations), upgrading from one plan to another plan (for example, from a ‘Starter’ account to a ‘Professional’ account), or upgrading to a different billing cycle (for example, from ‘monthly’ to ‘annual’); or

ii. purchasing a new additional license under a plan.

There are a few very limited cases (as specified in the EULA) in which Freemius will determine eligibility for refunds. In any case, no refunds are given beyond the scope of the Vendor’s refund policy, and nor are there any refunds available on renewal payments.